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The Indotech Way

Indotech College of Engineering is very unique in a sense that the Students and Faculties share a strong bond and show mutual admiration and care towards each other. This mutual respect and the cooperation is the driving force of our college.We also recognize that to become a great educational organization, we must first become a great organization and to become a great organization, we take our inspiration from the great industries of the world. "The Indotech Way" attempts to define the guiding principles of the organization. All our actions, policies and decisions must adhere to these guiding principles in spirit and letter.
"United Indotech"
When we talk about values, we are talking about the values to be cultivated in every team member of United Indotech - all the students, all our future alumni, and all the associates from the Directors to the person holding the lowest position in the organization. We also consider all the parents/guardians of our students to be associate team members of United Indotech.


Liberty for Innovation: We, in our institute, believe in freeing the minds to explore new and innovative thoughts. We encourage our students to foster dazzling ideas and become pioneers in their respective fields.

Respect for Individual excellence: Our students are always encouraged and supported to fine tune their skills and show their capabilities. This sets a nice platform for them to perform on the world stage.

Growth through Continual learning: Continuous learning must be the objective of an aspiring engineer, which reflects the right attitude of a successful professional. Keeping this in mind we encourage our students to think ahead and plan their future in an organized manner that inspires them to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Strife for success: It is clear to the students that there is a lot of competition in the job market today. So it is equally important on their part to realize their potential and strive for success. Success only follows right intent and attitude.

Discipline: Discipline in individual is a defining factor of his/her sustenance in the competition. As we realize that the students are in a very crucial age group, it is of high value to set discipline and ethics among the students.

Belief in Teamwork: We believe that greatness can only be achieved by great teamwork. Team Indotech takes collective responsibility for everything that happens in and around Indotech. Every individual in Indotech believes that the team is more important than any of its member and the organization is more important than any of its team.

Defining Factors

Student-Teacher relationship: We value the bonding between the two most dynamic entities in an institute, which move an institute to great heights. In our institute, we have healthy interactions between students and faculties, which lends a nice balance to the management of the college.

Matrix based Evaluation system for Faculty performance: We consistently measure the standard of teaching in our institute by regular evaluation of the faculties by senior professors and management. This process helps us always deliver the best in class education to the students.

Feedback from parents: We are always open to any feedback from the parents or guardians of the students for the improvement of our college. They visit the campus or write to us mentioning the issues or suggestions.

Extra classes/ Doubt clearing sessions: We do not believe in outside the class tuitions, availed by the engineering students now a days. We are always on the look out for the extra classes in case some students missed the regular classes or doubt clearing classes at our campus or information center.

Quality teaching materials: Apart from being an institute where standard of teaching is superior from the competition, we are also committed to keep the quality of study material and handouts, very high, which is rare among the institutes./ exemplary.

Education friendly atmosphere: Being in Bhubaneswar in itself is an advantage for the candidates. Besides, the location of the college in a calm and peaceful environment guarantees success and complete education of a student.

Ragging free environment: We are aware and conscious of the fact that ragging violates the norms prescribed by AICTE and is detrimental on the careers of both parties in some way. Hence rules and guidelines are preset for all students to maintain proper decorum and discipline in the campus, buses and hostels.

Employability training: The most defining factor that distinguishes us from the crowd is that we provide employability training from the 1st year. Having huge experience in the right fields enables us figure the shortcomings of a student and focus on the particular areas to improve his/her overall skill set. We also have a well positioned Placement cell boosted by IIM alumnus.