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Life @ Indotech

The life and experiences of engineering graduate students has been demonized over the years as being tedious, monotonous and too bookish in nature.

While we strongly believe that there's really no alternative to hard work and perspiration for a student we also hold in good stead the thinking that technical education need not be boring and stereotype at all times. At Indotech , we firmly believe that learning ,if mixed with right approach and a bit curiosity can be fun and attractive to students. Keeping these thought processes in mind, we have designed our own academic curriculum apart from what University have designed for them aiming to bringing out the best in him/her in all aspects. The faculty and staff at Indotech have strived to give the students an excellent academic environment which will be knowledge-friendly and creative at its core. We aspire to give them a good reason to look forward to the time they spend at Indotech.

Classes beyond the Classroom

Apart from the regular instructional classes, more interactions are encouraged between students and the faculty so that the concept is grasped properly. Tests and doubt-clearing sessions are covered after completion of each module in the syllabus. The idea of smart-classes is incorporated through multimedia teaching aids to illustrate technical concepts. Classrooms are made into active learning platforms rather than passive teacher-student lectures.

Industry Ready Labs & Workshop

The laboratories and workshops are the place where theory meets the practical world and students are allowed to spend more time here on the devices where they learn to apply the theoretical knowledge imparted in classrooms. Students are also taken frequently on industrial visits to experience how technology is driving the world forwards. After every visit, students submit visit-reports and give seminars on the topic so that the knowledge and experience is shared and archived.


"Sparkles" is the Brand Name for annual Sports and Cultural meet of Indotech. The organizing committee is composed of staff and students who don't leave any stone unturned in making the function a grand affair to bring out the best in the participant. Right from drawing the plans and events for the function , to executing the same, students and all associate's participate enthusiastically in the event. Not only student, the faculties also perform on stage giving a sign that still they can not only ROCK the class but also can set the stage on FIRE. Every year Sparkles brings all the associate more closer and make an individual to emerge as a Winner. The whole college waits for it for the entire year so that they can ...

Sports and Cultural Activities

The students are encouraged to participate in sports activities like cricket, football, volleyball and badminton inside the college premises. The Annual Sports Meet is organized every year at the time of the Annual Meet. The cultural society and clubs in the college organize various activities and events from time to time and that helps in the all round development of the students.

Club Activities

The various clubs of the college such as the Sports Club, Magazine club, The Geek Club, the Cultural Club and the Photography club meet on Saturdays to participate in extra-curricular activities and students explore and enhance their talents in multidimensional fields. The club for English Literature and Debate also meets on Saturday and works in collaboration with the English Department and Language laboratory at the college.